Travertine Natural Stone

Travertine Natural Stone

Travertine Natural Stone

Fun facts:

Travertine comes from a stone quarry and is not mass produced!

There are three grades:
1. Premium which has a small amount of filler
2. Standard more filler
3. Commercial has lots of filler.
Cut types are:
Vain with linear pattern and fleuri random, cross cut and sometimes circular.
It is very strong and durable, great for outdoor use, and though expensive can increase the value of your property because of the quality.
Strong enough for outside beautiful on the inside. Since it’s a softer stone it can be easily scratched and absorbs water and moisture (good for the bathroom) avoid in extreme cold.
It is suggested that a cleaner specifically made for natural stone be usedAbrasive cleaners are damaging.

See some examples of use.

Travertine (websters dictionary)
noun  trav·er·tine \ˈtra-vər-ˌtēn, -tən\
Popularity: Bottom 30% of words
Simple Definition: a light-colored type of rock that is used especially in buildings.

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