Granite Counter tops

Granite Counter tops

Granite Counter tops

Granite is the hardest natural stone on earth apart from sapphire, ruby and diamond. Granite counter top colors can range from shades of white, pink, or gray depending on their minerals. Just polish one time and it will never lose the shine. What makes Granite great for counter tops is the durability there will be no scratches with use of kitchen utensils. Natural granite counter tops have no reaction to heat, making it very good for hot pots and pans. Trivets are still suggested and keep counters clean.

The composition is mostly feldspar, mica, quartz and amphibole minerals. These minerals add to the natural beauty and unique variation granite counter tops can bring to any room.

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Granite has been used for things other than counter tops like:


Granite Tile


Granite Building

Facing Stone-Granite

Granite Curb

Azurite Granite Gemstone

Granite Back splash

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