Install Natural Stone

Install Natural Stone

Install Natural Stone

Install Natural Stone

Preparation is key to any installation project.

Take your measurements of the area to be tiled. Always purchase 10% more than needed.

Tile, water, stone, trowel, tape measure, pencils, thin set premixed (dry mix is an option, however, premix is recommended) and sponge. The suggestion is to precut corner tiles wet sponge area as you go.

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Paver Classes

Paver Classes

Paver Classes

Three Common Varieties of Pavers Exist Concrete, Brick and Pure Stone Pavers

Paver Classes

Pure Stone Pavers

Come directly from the earth and they’re actually dearer they’re pure and need to extracted from a quarry. As a paver travertine is nice it may well face up to warmth and chilly it is going to resist erosion. Their look is superior to their brick and concrete counterparts. Pure Stone carries pure magnificence.


Made from clay and shale and can be known as clay pavers. The reference is after all from the substances.

The colors are earthy with deep shades and a superb coloration ranges largely rust and reds. concrete offers extra of a coloration palette.

Brick is made at a producers plant. The method requires the supplies to be heated to 2,000 levels Fahrenheit.


Is powerful and sturdy and frequently used to construct roads and driveways.

Broad coloration ranges are could be produced and sealants are used to forestall coloration loss.

Concrete is made with cement combined with dyes, pigments, and mixture.

Pavers on the Market 


Paver Classes

There are a wide variety of uses:

Driveways, decks, outside kitchen, swimming pools, patios, garages walkway and balconies

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Dry Set Paver Patio

Dry Set Paver Patio

Dry Set Paver Patio

Dry Set Paver Patio

Is extremely advisable to use dry set, it’s simple to lay and change if  needed and is the best choice for northern climate.


Excavate if wanted

Compact (Soil has to have proper moisture)

Level, compact and repeat

Add 6” to eight” crushed limestone (sharp edges help a comfortable match) permits for good drainage.

Compact layers

Add the limestone in 2 -Three layers

Level compact and repeat

Top with ½” sand

Then lay pavers

Clearly outline borders 6×12 Travertine Pavers

After pavers are in place Polymeric sand might be swept between cracks, grout, or they are often left alone

Dry Set Paver Patio


It’s really useful to put in landscape edging on the edge of the pavers this may hold them from shifting out of place (Top of the edging have to be Level with the travertine paver edge)

An alternate is pouring concrete along the outside edge after tiles are set (top of the edging must be level with the travertine paver edge)


Your outdoor travertine paver finish options are:

Tumbled finish, has textured, porous finish that’s skid-resistant.

Honed is a smoother finish than tumbled  however has needed traction when moist.

Polished finish is smooth and should only be installed in covered indoor areas porch patio etc…


The pattern is up to you as there are several size options:

6×12, 8×8, 8×16, 12×12, 12×24, 16×16, 16×24, & 24×24

French pattern/mini-French pattern

Pattern repeats after the first sq. ends (tiles are 16″ by 24″, 16″ by 16″, 16″ by 8″ & 8″by 8″ pavers and covers 16 sq. ft. space. You should place tiles close together and you must fill the joints with sand).

When pavers are set, check for level, go over the area with a plate compactor once more.

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Travertine Molding Applications

Travertine Molding Applications

Travertine Molding Applications

Travertine Molding Applications

Crown molding

These moldings are created to flare out at the top of the finished edge.
Other uses are capping walls, pilasters, cabinets, and cornice assemblies for both in and outdoors.

Pencil Moldings

Are predominately used for right angles of walls

Trim Molding

Wall moldings also known as Trim Molding are a boarder of protection from dings dents and scuffs.

It also adds depth and character to the room.

Chair rails
“A dado rail, also known as a chair rail, is a type of molding fixed horizontally to the wall around the
perimeter of a room”.


Bases and  floor moldings are commonly referred to as baseboards which gives a  smooth transition from wall to floor combine with other moldings for a dramatic finish.

“A baseboard also known as a skirting board, skirting, mop board, floor molding, or
base molding board covering the lowest part of an interior wall. Its purpose is to cover the joint between the wall
surface and the floor”.


Ogee typical uses are door frames, chair rail, floor base board, and sill trim, window frame,
along with other varied uses, primarily comes in white, ivory, gold, noce and botticino.

Bull-nose is commonly used for the highlight of the top surrounding side of wall and
capping off any exposed tile edges. Colors offered are gold, noce, white and Leonardo.


Travertine Tile 18×18

Travertine Tile 18×18

Travertine Tile 18×18

Travertine Tile 18×18

The three grades of travertine are: Premium which has a small quantity of filler, normal extra filler and business has numerous filler. Cut types are: Vein with linear pattern, fleuri random, cross lower and generally round.

Travertine is  a light-colored sort of limestone that’s used particularly in buildings. It comes from our stone quarry, isn’t mass produced and could be very sturdy. Nice for indoor or out of doors use, and might improve the worth of your property. Robust sufficient for outdoor beautiful on the indoors.

We provide Travertine Tiles in: 12″X24″, 18″X18″, 24″X24″, Honed and filled, French Pattern, Polished, French Pattern Tumbled, & Brushed and Chiseled.

Unpolished pure stone provides nice traction for outdoor use. A polished finish completely changes the entire look of the floor. Polished tile is a great design element  and adds class and beauty to the overall look of your home.

Take a look at this video for tile installation tips.

Cleaning Grout

Cleaning Grout

Cleaning Grout

Cleaning Grout 

Grout discoloration is said to be removed up to 85%, 15% of  the stain left behind is from installation or just exposure over time.

After the grouting process is repeated several times you may consider the option of color sealing your grout as opposed to the tedious

process of constant cleaning.

Allow an alkaline cleaners to absorb into the floors a while it will brake up the dirt and grease. The recommended time is 20-30 min.

Use a grout brush to scrub your floors and be mindful of bumping into your walls, vacuum or mop and then rinse floors with warm water.

Use cotton clothes to dry and then you are ready to apply sealant.

Read More:

Cleaning Grout 

Wooden Look Tile Placement

Wooden Look Tile Placement

Wooden Look Tile Placement

Wooden Look Tile Placement 

Like hardwood flooring stone floors can be utilized all through the house.

Make sure to select a natural stone you find to be beautiful and can reside with.

It may be pricey to have it it removed and reinstalled in the future.

Our natural stone products are extraordinarily sturdy and last a very long time.

For best results make sure to maintain cleanness, add chair pads and prevent grime from building on the floors surface.

Wooden Look Tile Placement 

This will also prevent scratching, you can glaze or seal your floors for additional protection and longevity.

The sealant will especially be useful in areas of excessive traffic and entertainment.

Sealing  also add to the sanitation of the area that is tiled.

Natural stone, hardwood flooring needs to be put in by professionals accustomed working with these materials.

Stone Tile Us Natural Stone is a reliable supplier  for all of your marble, travertine and limestone needs.

We do actually carry stone that resembles hard wood flooring.


Glass Back Splash

Glass Back Splash

Glass Back Splash

Mosaics Tile sheets are curved on all sides, giving them the ability to fit together with a seamless finish.
It is the art of creating an assemblage of small pieces of natural stone creating a complete pattern for use on floor,
walls, back splashes, kitchen, and bathroom.

Glass Back Splash

Here’s a great video on do it yourself  glass back splash installation.

There are tips on expected cost, necessary tools, needed supplies to name a few.

We carry 32×32, and 40×40 Glass Tiles.

They are White Glass Porcelain Backed Polished Tiles

and have a similar look to white Marble.

White glass on top of porcelain backing makes it sturdy, versatile and economical.

Please visit our website for size options and all the products you need for your projects

and renovations.

Mosaics Tile sheets are curved on all sides, giving them the ability to fit together with a seamless finish.
It is the art of creating an assemblage of small pieces of natural stone creating a complete pattern for use on floor,
walls, back splashes, kitchen, and bathroom. It is a technique used to create interior or artistic design.

Limestone Constructing Supplies

Limestone Constructing Supplies

Limestone Constructing Supplies

AQA GCSE Core Science – Limestone and Constructing Supplies

Core Science Limestone Constructing Supplies

Limestone is a naturally occurring rock present in a quarry, it’s typically used for constructing supplies.
Glass, cement and concrete producers use chemically heated decomposed limestone

as a natural resource to begin  manufacturing of these materials.

Job creation and constructing supplies are some benefits of limestone quarries.

Disadvantages can be air pollution, noise and is visually unappealing.

Limestone Constructing Supplies

The video provides particular scientific breakdown and chemical composition of limestone.



Stone Tile Us does carry a selection of limestone for your constructing needs.

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Bathe Tile SetUp

Bathe Tile SetUp

Bathe Tile SetUp

Bathe Tile Setup

Mosaic tile set up for the bathe Half 6

Mosaic tiles will not be tough to put in, they arrive on mesh backed sheets.

You are putting in a number of them at a time and never individually,  sure they’re smaller than different tiles.

You will need to lay them out and take a look at your sample earlier than precise set up.

Evaluate tile layout in case you discover there are areas which might be irregular and will not match full dimension tiles.

Measure and cut any tiles that are needed to fit in odd irregular or shaped areas.

After format is deliberate then tiles will be secured in place.

Make certain they’re flattened so no air pockets exist, they have to be even and flush.

Grout a small space at a time so the grout doesn’t dry on the tiles earlier than they’re securely floated within the cracks.

Cleansing little by little will forestall drying of grout and tough scraping to scrape off.

Mosaic Tile Bathe Ground Set up

Please go to us on your mosaic natural stone, we ship all over the place in the USA quick.

Additionally see our boards on Pinterest for more inspiration.