Travertine vs Marble

Travertine vs Marble

Travertine vs Marble

Both travertine and marble come from limestone.

Travertine is a light-colored type of rock that is used especially in buildings. It comes from a stone quarry and is not mass produced!

The appeal of Stone Tile Us natural stone for renovations may come from the fact that it was used help build the Roman Empire. Polishing the natural give more depth and shine, it also accents natural beauty of the stone as another attractive option and style.

The three grades of travertine are: Premium which has a small amount of filler, standard more filler and commercial has lots of filler.

Another interesting fact about travertine are the cut types which are: Vain with linear pattern, fleuri random, cross cut and sometimes circular.

Travertine is very strong and durable, great for indoor or outdoor use, and can increase the value of your property because of the quality. Strong enough for outside beautiful on the inside. There are cleaners made specifically for natural stones which should be used, abrasive cleaners are damaging.

Travertine vs Marble

Marble facts:

Marble is a metamorphic rock which forms as a result of limestone that has been exposed to the heat and pressure of metamorphism. It is composed mostly of calcite and has other minerals like: graphite, clay, quartz, pyrite, iron oxides and micas. Different kinds of marble have been named by the location of their quarries. Greece-Pantelakos, Turkey-Proconsuls and last but least Italy-Carrara-white marble which has been used for sculptures since ancient times. It is soft, allows light to penetration and is resistant to shattering. It also results in a waxy look that is great for sculpturing.

Travertine vs Marble

Intact marble floors that have been found in ancient ruins.
Marbles durability is ideal for areas with a lot of traffic.
No allergens.
Resistant to fungus and mold.
Cleaning is as easy.
Artists and architects have been known to use marble to make a statement.

Stone Tile US is a popular option for all your marble floor needs our quarry is in Turkey.

We provide natural stone for all your needs including: molding, pavers, mosaics, coping, marble and travertine that can be used for: pools, decks, patios, lanais, entry ways, docks, borders, driveways, walkways, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms our natural stone Is versatile.

Our marble floors have an elegant look that’s hard to beat. We have a large variety of natural stones please see some examples of use.

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