Sealing Travertine

Sealing Travertine

Sealing Travertine

Sealing Travertine 

Stone Tile Us travertine paver and natural store is an extremely durable stone.

There is almost no possibility of scratching the surface, perfect for heat resist situations.

Properly treated natural stone will be able to resist stain.

Natural stone will last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

Sealant is not required, but can be applied if desired.

Keep in mind that a sealer may be necessary if the pavers will be installed on an area that is exposed.

Heavy entertainment such as food service areas with wine, food and other products can stain the pavers.

Types of Sealers:
Topical Sealers: Protects the surface of the stone.
Topical sealers protect against water, oil, and substances that can contaminate.
They are made with plastic compounds, waxes, and acrylics.
After the sealer is added, the focus switches to sealer care instead of stone care.

At times the sealer needs to be stripped and reapplied.
Impregnators Sealers:
Impregnator’s sealers are breathable and will not change the natural look of the surface.

They are needed for vanity tops and food preparation areas.

Make sure that a sealer is used is safe for food preparation.
Impregnator’s sealers become repellents after they are applied.

They resist mold, mildew, alga graffiti, grout dyes, mortar haze, acid rain, or any solvent-based solutions.

They repel water, oil and keep contaminants out, while allowing moisture to escape.

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