Dry Set Paver Patio

Dry Set Paver Patio

Dry Set Paver Patio

Dry Set Paver Patio

Is extremely advisable to use dry set, it’s simple to lay and change if  needed and is the best choice for northern climate.


Excavate if wanted

Compact (Soil has to have proper moisture)

Level, compact and repeat

Add 6” to eight” crushed limestone (sharp edges help a comfortable match) permits for good drainage.

Compact layers

Add the limestone in 2 -Three layers

Level compact and repeat

Top with ½” sand

Then lay pavers

Clearly outline borders 6×12 Travertine Pavers

After pavers are in place Polymeric sand might be swept between cracks, grout, or they are often left alone

Dry Set Paver Patio


It’s really useful to put in landscape edging on the edge of the pavers this may hold them from shifting out of place (Top of the edging have to be Level with the travertine paver edge)

An alternate is pouring concrete along the outside edge after tiles are set (top of the edging must be level with the travertine paver edge)


Your outdoor travertine paver finish options are:

Tumbled finish, has textured, porous finish that’s skid-resistant.

Honed is a smoother finish than tumbled  however has needed traction when moist.

Polished finish is smooth and should only be installed in covered indoor areas porch patio etc…


The pattern is up to you as there are several size options:

6×12, 8×8, 8×16, 12×12, 12×24, 16×16, 16×24, & 24×24

French pattern/mini-French pattern

Pattern repeats after the first sq. ends (tiles are 16″ by 24″, 16″ by 16″, 16″ by 8″ & 8″by 8″ pavers and covers 16 sq. ft. space. You should place tiles close together and you must fill the joints with sand).

When pavers are set, check for level, go over the area with a plate compactor once more.

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