Driveway Installation Pavers

Driveway Installation Pavers

French Pattern pavers is an interlocked mix of different size tiles laid out in a mosaic style format.

Travertine French Pattern gives a beautiful old world look of class and stateliness.

The most common size breakdown for the set is:

2- 16×16, 2- 8×8, 1- 16×24, 1- 16×8

The travertine French Pattern set covers an area of eight square feet.

There are also Travertine Jumbo sets with sizes:

24×36, 24×24, 18×24, 18×18

Stone Tile Us Pavers standard thickness is 1.25 inch. Pavers can also be 2 inches thick or more.

Travertine tile is 0.5 inches thick.

Paver Driveway Installation  

DRIVEWAYS: French Pattern Pavers are not meant to be install on a driveway, because the big pieces may crack. 

Stone Tile US Travertine French Pattern Tiles are available in:

Tumbled, Honed & Filled and Brushed & Chiseled.

Pavers weight are 16 pounds per sq ft ,

We offer an array of beautiful colors: Antique Blend, Botticino Beige, Country Classic, Cream Fantasy, Cream Pearl,

Gold Tumbled, Peach Blend, Roma, Silver, Noce, Super Light, Toscana & Leonardo.

French Pattern pavers is now very popular on exterior design , pavers can be use in cold and warm weathers. Travertine pavers will increase your property value.

If you are contractor on a interior designer , please contact us directly , you may qualify for wholesale pricing.

You may send us a free sample paver request to experience the beauty of the natural stone.

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